In 2009, Erol and I went to see Kindness and Fabric. The gig was incredible. We thought it was the best thing we’d seen all year. It was a shambles, it was great, it was bad. It was one of those gigs where you have to be there, it was an incredible experience. Immediately, the next day, I asked him to come and do Souiwaxmas 2009. There was a problem because that gig we’d seen, there wasn’t a proper band. That was just a bunch of friends that on the before he just called and said, “Do you want to play with me?” And so, he was like, “No, I don’t have a band. I can’t do it.”
Next year I asked, 2010, and there was a problem where he wasn’t around. He wasn’t in town so he couldn’t do it. Then last year I asked him to do it and he was working on the album. Every year he kept seeing he’d do the next year, so this year is finally the first year we’ve got them to do it. It works out best because they’re promoting an album and all that stuff, and it’s been going well for them. It’s been something that’s been on the cards for three years now and finally we’ve got him!

Oh yeah, I forgot this happened last Thursday. She came, we saw, there were some funky dancers and we had a blast :)

(Whoever stole her gear tho after the show is a right dick. Also ‘HMV Ritz’, please sort out your soundsystem!)